Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Stroll through Ataco

This painting is a compilation of several photos taken at the town of Concepcion de Ataco in El Salvador. My goal is to complete two more paintings of El Salvador in addition to this one before my parents move home from El Salvador and I lose my connections. I enjoy the watercolor/oil style so much that I've decided to stick with it, this, being the fourth of its kind. I've found the perfect amount of gesso to use to brighten the watercolors without losing the permeability of the board.

Macaws (Guacamayas)

This is the third painting I've done in the watercolor/oil style. Also part of the series of 5 for El Salvador. In this painting I experimented with adding a light coat of gesso to the board before painting with the watercolors. This allows the watercolors to look closer to their original color, rather than being darkened by the brown of the board. Most of the light areas are watercolor whereas without gesso all watercolor areas would be dark. The disadvantage is that the board became less permeable and some of the pigments had difficulty soaking in, making them harder to work with. The advantage is that less oil paint is necessary to achieve the desired vividness.

Las Palmeras

This is the second painting I've done in the Watercolor and Oil mixture. It is part of the series of five paintings I did to sell in El Salvador (all of which have already sold). All the dark areas are watercolor and the light areas are oil. This was adapted from a picture taken at a friend's beach house at Playa Miravalle.